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Review - Ulanzi 10" RGB-LED-Videoleuchte

Review - Ulanzi 10" RGB LED video light

Cameras and light are two sides of the same coin. You've probably heard that experienced photographers emphasize that lighting is the key to success. If you've ever wondered what it's all about, here's a little sample. Depending on the amount and type of light, you can completely change the look of the subject or the mood of the picture. As you can imagine, sunlight can do very little for us. But if you're anything like these veterans, you probably want to have fine control over the light falling on your subjects.

The thing is, solutions come in all shapes and sizes. You can buy giant studio lights that take up half the space in your studio. Or you can opt for the Ulanzi 10" RGB LED Video Light. It's as bright as a giant strobe light, yet feather light compared to those gargantuan lights.

Without further ado, let's see, how this video light can help vloggers, filmmakers and even live streamers.


Ulanzi has always been an advocate of innovation and creativity. But of all our values, we value our love for all things photography. That's why we're constantly working on new and better products in our laboratories. To bring you up to speed, let's compare our 10" RGB LED video light to our VL120 RGB LED video light.

Let's start this round with the color temperature of these lights Despite the price difference, the 10" and VL120 offer 2500-9000K CCT. Usually, when using portable video light, you need to adjust the coolness or warmth of the image in post-processing. However, this is not a problem with both lights.

Next you get 360° RGB Full Color Creative Atmosphere with both lights. With the Ulanzi 10" RGB LED video light, you can not only adjust the color field as you like, but also use the HSI mode to create different atmospheres. In theory, that may not sound like much. But once you see it in action , you'll find you don't need to go anywhere else for versatile moods. This light is enough to create any environment you want from your room. Filmmakers and live streamers will know how difficult it can be to get this device up and running properly Fortunately, the Ulanzi 10" RGB LED Video Light covers that as well.

Creative Freedom

And now comes the best: Both lights are the result of our innovation. To showcase the ingenuity of our creation, we give you complete creative control. And that with just one switch. You read that right, with a single switch you can toggle between 20 dynamic light effects. These include Police Car, TV, Ambulance, Strobe, Candle and many more. With a single touch, you can quickly simulate 20 versatile environments with immersive lighting.

With the Ulanzi 10" RGB LED Video Light, you get a true recreation of the real colorful world. Reading this line may not have brought you the desired effect. Imagine setting up a perfect studio and buying an expensive fixture. However, it's either too bright or too dim, so it messes up the tones. There's no other way to put it than that kills the very essence of photography and videography. Getting the colors right is half the battle As always, we've got you covered.Unlike traditional brighteners, the Ulanzi 10" RGB LED Video Light offers you a CRI 95+ video light.For those who like to keep it simple, this means the hues and mood come out ideal

The details

As the saying goes, the devil is in the details. In this case we offer you precision and class with our attention to detail. The Ulanzi 10" RGB LED Video Light is crafted in one piece. For the minimalist, it's pure bliss. For the style-savvy, it will blend in with the rest of your gear.

Continue with a high-resolution mini-display on the back of both lights. The Ulanzi 10" RGB LED video light has an OLED panel. But the functionality of both lights is almost the same. It gives you a quick look at the current mode and settings of the light.

Up to this point, both lights were almost identical. From now on, however, we will see some changes in design and functionality between the two. The very first thing that will strike you is the design. The Ulanzi 10" RGB LED video light has four buttons near the OLED display on the back: power button, shift button, mode button and two brightness buttons. The VL120, on the other hand, has a power button, a mode dial and a dial for brightness on the shorter side of the light.

Moreover, both lights support Type-C charging, making them compatible with almost all your devices. There is a 1/4" extension screw connector on one side , which allows you to connect the light to any stand or device.

portability and functionality

Before we get to portability, here's a clear contrast between the capabilities of these two lights. Although the lighting angle of both lights is 120°, they differ in the number of lamp beads. The Ulanzi VL120 offers 120 beads, while the Ulanzi 10" has a whopping 266 beads with high color rendering. To be fair, the price difference justifies the huge difference between these lamps. But there are no two opinions about it, which lamp is better suited for professional tasks.

And here's the crucial information. The VL120 has a generous battery capacity of 3100 mAH, enough to get through a considerable job. The Ulanzi 10" RGB-LED- However, the video light surpasses it by far with a capacity of 8000 mAH. Simply put, you'll still get a solid 120 minutes on high brightness. And what's even better is that you can also use the light while charging via the C-type cable.

Finally, the Ulanzi 10" weighs just 488g with a thickness of 19mm. We don't really need to say it anymore because you already know what to expect. But for the purposes of this review, this compact profile offers unrivalled Performance in an easy-to-carry package.

So which light should you buy?

If you've scrolled this far, you've probably already made up your mind. In summary, the VL120 is an excellent light at a great price. It is currently listed for €47.94, which is a steal at this price. However, if you want more, the Ulanzi 10" RGB LED Video Light is what you need. More lamp beads, a bigger battery and a cleaner design are just some of the improved details you can get for just €59 .95.

No matter which model you choose, one thing is certain, they have been manufactured with care to offer the ultimate value for the price, don't forget to give us your opinion when you use our products.We'd love for you to let us know how our products can help you or how you can improve your work in the studios.
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