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Review | Ulanzi Ombra Video-Reisestativ

Reviews | Ulanzi Ombra Video Travel Tripod

The tripod I've used so far is a bit too big for me. The Ulanzi Ombra tripod arrived just in time. It's lightweight and really affordable. I'm really impressed with its looks as it's only a tenth of the price of other competitors on the market. The tripod leg has a kind of hexagonal shape and buckles for unlocking the leg parts and setting up the tripod quickly.


The Ulanzi Ombra Tripod is 63 inches (160 cm) tall when fully extended and the center column is raised. Minimum closed leg height is 55 cm (21″inches). It is very compact and can be stowed in any travel bag. As for the weight capacity, the Ombra tripod can support a maximum of 13.2 pounds. It easily carries most cameras lens.

Tripod leg with cam lever lock

Setting up the Ulanzi Ombra tripod is simple. The cam levers on the tripod legs are easy to open and lock very securely. I tried to slide the legs in when the cam lever clicked but the leg wouldn't go in at all. The Ombra tripod is much more stable than my first tripod when I was a beginner.

Removable center column

The Ombra tripod's center column can be detached and reattached for inverted mode. This is really great for getting low angles. On the other hand, the center column can give you a little extra height. There is a hook at the end of the center column to attach your bag and add more stability to your tripod.

Built-in pan and tilt head

The Ulanzi Ombra tripod is equipped with an integrated fluid pan and tilt head. The ball head has independent locks for pan and tilt. You can use the rotary knob to pan in a continuous range from zero to the maximum level. Tilting can only be done within a range of 180 degrees. The head is detachable. You can attach any ball head with a 3/8'' thread to the tripod, such as U-190 Mini Fluid Video Head 2895.

Ulazi Ombra tripod is an entry-level tripod for beginners. It has everything you need from a tripod - compact, light, robust and flexible. It offers fantastic support and stability without being too heavy and heavy to carry.
If you don't want to spend a fortune on a tripod and want a simple device for travel and outdoor adventures, the Ulanzi Ombra tripod is €79, 95 Your Best Choice.

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