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Review | Ulanzi UW-MIC 2.4GHz Drahtloses Mikrofon (2 In 1)

Reviews | Ulanzi UW-MIC 2.4GHz Wireless Microphone (2 In 1)

Wireless is all the rage these days. A quick look at today's technological innovations will tell you that their obvious direction is wireless. But what does this mean for a wireless recording microphone? Freedom from cable clutter, long battery life, low latency and pure audio recording. But there are too many of these devices out there and only a few can be called the ideal wireless recording microphone for content creators.

Ulanzi UW-MIC 2.4GHz is designed for vloggers, filmmakers, live streamers and anyone else who needs an excellent wireless microphone without annoying audio distortion.

Get ready to meet your dream wireless recording mic that will go all the way for you and then some.

The seamless design

Let's talk about the packaging first. The Ulanzi UW-MIC consists of three main parts: two lightweight transmitter microphones that you can easily clip to your clothing and a receiver that connects to your phone. The recording system is cleverly designed to feel like a whole rather than different connected parts.

The receiver connects seamlessly to your phone with no app required. Plus, you can use both microphones at the same time without experiencing any recording lag or audio lag. Whether you want to record your podcast guest or use the extra microphone in a conference environment, the possibilities are endless. Also, the microphones can be used as a recorder, recording in sync to save audio.

Build quality and dimensions

Apart from the obvious advantages of a wireless microphone, the main attraction is portability and small size. The tiny transmitters are 50.48 x 21.55mm and stick to these points: The true definition of a "lavalier microphone".

The receiver also measures 45.5 x 27.4mm. Perfect size to fit with the profile of a smartphone. On the other hand, the whole case is 97 x 29.72mm. Hardly noticeable when traveling, you can just put it in your pocket or backpack without noticing.

Yet you need to take them out to use. A professional device is characterized above all by its elegant appearance and the quality of its workmanship. Ulanzi UW-MIC is made of ABS material with finest workmanship that will earn you compliments from your guests and viewers alike.

Microphone Audio Recording and Receiving Area
With the Ulanzi UW-MIC, you don't have to worry about the audio quality. It operates in the frequency range of 2.4 GHz at a sampling rate of 48 KHz and offers you an extraordinary omnidirectional condenser microphone. Still, the range becomes completely useless if the recording is distorted. To ensure that you never suffer from poor audio recordings, our microphones support 360° surround sound recording, which not only provides clear sound but also gives your audience a better sense of space .

In addition, the wireless receiver can work up to 100 meters. This option is especially useful if you have guest speakers or need to collaborate with another vlogger. And it gets even better when you combine that range with audio synchronization.

Noise reduction

Again, long range wireless reception and 360° surround sound mean nothing if the microphone cannot deliver pure and transparent sound.Well, at Ulanzi we've always strived for the best innovations that work in practice. For this particular problem, too, we offer you not just one, but three levels of intelligent noise reduction.

The first works under the hood and allows you to take charge of the noise reduction algorithm. Set the difficulty level a little higher, and you can effectively filter the surrounding noise and extract a clear human voice. But that's not all. For vloggers and filmmakers, there is the third tier. Now you don't have to worry about the street noise or the wind slapping your microphone. The windproof sweater ensures your voice stays crisp and clear.

Durable charging case

You don't want your wireless microphone to die in the middle of a recording or vlog spirit gives up. Ulanzi UW-MIC relieves you from the fear of charging. Each of the two microphones lasts up to 8 hours on a charge of around 90 minutes. And that's not all: the case offers enough juice to charge a microphone three times. Even the case only takes about 90 minutes to be fully charged. Plus, the receiver connects directly to the phone, so there's no need to charge it.

For the techies out there, all the devices in this pack are compatible with 4.8-5.4V input voltage.

Mobile Phone Compatibility

Our lavalier microphone is compatible with all your Apple and Android phones. However, make sure you select the correct option on the website. The Lightning variant is for Apple lovers and the Type-C variant is for Android fans. As you already know, this microphone is more than just a wireless recording microphone. It's the Swiss army knife of microphones. You have an iPhone, don't worry. An Android, we have everything for you. wind you say The windproof sweater ensures that the microphone stays warm and comfortable and the sound is clear.


You scrolled this far. It should only be fair if we help you with your decision. We understand that with so many offerings on the market, it can be easy to get confused. But most offers are only half as good as they are advertised. What we show you is what we have. And we're always excited to hear what you have to say about our products.

In summary, Ulanzi UW-MIC 2.4GHz Wireless Recording Microphone is the perfect accessory for any content creator who dares to up their game . With its surround sound, intelligent noise reduction and extended range, the UW-MIC makes your life easier by doing all the work at hand.
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