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Ulanzi U-190 Mini Fluid Kopf

Ulanzi U-190 Mini Fluid Head

This impressive yet small tripod fluid head announces itself on the market with a load capacity of 10 kg. That means it can hold almost any DSLR or mirrorless camera (with a lens) on the market, but at 355 grams it offers amazing advantages for travel photographers or those looking for an extra light set-up. With a 40mm tripod base and measuring just 80mm from base to platter, the fluid head is 90mm at its widest point. With the optional 200mm long handle you are ready to go.

But what is a hydraulic fluid head, you might be wondering?

Most tripod heads are called ball heads because the mechanism that allows panning and tilting is a ball that sits in a socket. A fluid head contains a pressurized water chamber that dampens or decelerates sudden movements and vibrations, allowing the user to pan, tilt and track video smoothly.

As soon as you pick up the Ulanzi U-190 Fluid Head , you will notice a few things. First of all, you will feel a metal design that is very well finished. The solid smooth matte finish is very pleasing to the eye and is complemented by the color palette of black, silver and red, all matte. Second, you will find that the hydraulic mechanism always wants to bring the tripod plate to the horizontal. This pressure allows you to effortlessly pan and tilt the tripod slowly and smoothly. Third, find four buttons adorning the fluid head.

The top knob loosens and tightens the tripod plate (to which the camera can be attached). The next two buttons are next to each other. The smaller knob holds the handle in place when you want to attach it. The handle can be used on either side of the fluid head and bent down, out, in or up. This knob holds the handle securely in place by engaging small teeth inside the knob in your chosen position. The other knob next to it is larger and locks the fluid head in any desired tilt angle (up and down), from -80 degrees to positive 90 degrees. The fourth knob has a beveled surface and locks the fluid head's pivoting function.

The panning capability of the fluid head can be measured by a 360-degree baseplate, identified by a small arrow pointing down at the bottom of the fluid head. Underneath the unit is a 3/8" female thread for attaching the fluid head to the tripod. The U-190 comes with a ¼ 20" socket and small attachment tool for smaller tripod mounts and other accessories.

Fluid Heads are the perfect complement for anyone shooting video, as this little beauty is tough enough to carry heavy gear and small enough to be easily transported. I tried my Nikon Z6 with the 14-24mm wide-angle lens, which weighs just under 2kg, to see how it works. I found that when you weigh over 1.5kg you lose the sense of the hydraulic pressure you are pushing against to achieve smooth pan and tilt movement. However, if you intend to use the U-190 Fluid Head primarily for photography, you should not experience any limitations due to weight. Just make sure you mount your camera securely with the base plate (or your own L-Bracket) and that the tilt knob is also locked so your camera doesn't walk or fall off.

The Arca-Swiss interface means any tripod mount other than Manfrotto's can work seamlessly with the U-190 The included mount is also slim, stylish, up to the task and reminiscent of the Falcam 38 plates used for the Ulanzi quick release system can be used.

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