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Vlogging und Livesteaming mit Smartphone?

Vlogging and live streaming with smartphones?

Smartphones are becoming more and more powerful and compact. The device of choice for vlogging and live streaming has to be a mobile phone compared to a traditional camera.
But in order to record a vlog or live stream while giving a professional look, your phone needs to be paired with various mobile accessories, that suit your needs.
Next, we'll explain how to vlog or live stream with your phone

Since the advent of social media like Facebook, more and more young people are becoming active on social media. TikTok and Pinterest are very popular among young people today, and the threshold to start is very low, all you need is a mobile phone.
Why choose a mobile phone for recording videos?

1. easy to use

Using a mobile phone is much easier than a camera. Many phones come with their own filters and post-processing features, so you can pre-record with just one click.

2. less inconvenience of using multiple devices

In the past, shooting video required a lot of equipment that was very heavy and inconvenient to carry around. Now all you need is a phone and a gimbal.

3. Inexpensive

You can shoot with your phone and accessories and still get a good shot with your camera. But the price is much lower, so more photographers can afford it.


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