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Warum wählen Ulanzi Leichtes Reisestativ?

Why Choose Ulanzi Lightweight Travel Tripod?

Tripods are very commonly used in landscape, wildlife and flash photography and sometimes a tripod is necessary to complete the shot, whether for amateur or professional photographers. Ideal for long exposure times and to keep the image stable.
Ulanzi x Coman Lightweight Tripod has been on the market for over half a month and has already been sold over 100 times. What attracts so many photographers?

1. Carbon fiber, only 1.1kg, lightweight, maximum load 18kg
2. Panoramic head with 360° adjustment, horizontal and vertical shots
3. 1/4'' expansion thread for magic hand, cellphone, microphone, light, etc.
4. Two parts of the center column are detachable to switch between low-angle shooting

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