How to make an excellent video using smartphone with filter

Why is Phone Videopraghy ​​more popular than before?

The quality of cameras in smartphones has improved significantly over the years. You can find different modes in your phone that meet people's daily needs. Smartphones are compact and easy to carry, allowing you to record videos anytime, anywhere. The rise of social media platforms such as Instagram, TikTok and YouTube has increased the demand for video content. People now have a platform to show their creativity and share their videos with a larger audience. With smartphones, videos can be recorded, edited and uploaded directly to these platforms quickly and easily.
However, if you have higher requirements for shooting short videos, you need to add other accessories to create an excellent video or photos.

Shop Ulanzi 52mm Magnetic Filter Kit For Smartphones, One package contains 7 filters, storage bag, and filter ring adapter.

CPL filter for smartphone

Eliminate reflections on water, glass and non-metallic surfaces for more vibrant landscapes with our CPL filter, achieving improved image clarity, detail and color saturation

ND filter for smartphone

Our variable ND filter offers adjustable neutral density (1-5 stops), reducing the amount of light entering the lens to capture silky-smooth subject movement without compromising colors.

Gold Silky Filter for Smartphone

Silky lighting effect, effortlessly creates a vintage atmosphere

Blue Sil filter for smartphone

Silk-like lighting effect to create a vintage atmosphere effortlessly

1/4 Black Blur Filter for Smartphone

Reduces contrast for a soft, gentle image effect when shooting portraits and landscape images 

Four-line star filter for smartphone

Add a starburst effect to point light sources to create a romantic, dreamy atmosphere.

 Filters can be stacked, suitable for different usage scenarios, equipped with a storage bag, convenient for travel and daily life.


 Record professional videos with your phone. Ulanzi 52mm Magnetic Filter Kit For Smartphones M012GBB1 >>
Ulanzi is committed to designing and producing camera accessories to solve the user's inconvenience when using the camera, with the best price and the best quality for our customers.

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