Review | Ulanzi Go-Quick 1.4m extendable tripod

Ulanzi Go-Quick II 1.4m extendable tripod is part of the Go-Quick II family, the big brother of the Go-Quick II tripod and the cousin of the Go-Quick II magnetic quick-release clamp. Ulanzi relies on a variety of quick releases, from the F38 to the F22 and of course the Go-Quick II.

The tripod configuration is designed for action cameras, small devices that weigh no more than 0.5kg. With the right accessories (insert link), you can easily attach your phone to it.

The Go-Quick II Tripod Extendable Tripod weighs a total of 339 grams and can be reduced to a total length of 300mm. The extension rod is made of aluminum and the rest is made of ABS, or acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, a common thermoplastic polymer used in many camera accessories.

The extendable tripod, as the name suggests, has a maximum total height of 1470 mm (1.47 m) and when the legs are not spread (the pole in the shape of a selfie stick) a total length of 1443 mm. The pole alone comes to a total length of 1300mm before you reach the action camera mount at the top. You can then extend the 7-segment rod to any length up to full length. Each segment is slightly different in length, but each works smoothly with its adjacent counterpart.

At the tip of the extension rod is the quick-release mount, which is designed in the form of a conventional GoPro mount with a mounting screw.

The special thing about this tripod is the quick release. The holder is held on the holder by a magnet, so that it quickly and easily finds its place in the holder. To secure the mount, simply press the button and rotate the mount. To release the mount there is a small button (locking pin) on the side of the mount which, when pressed, releases the mount with a twist and pull motion.

The advantage of this system is that the brackets are interchangeable with the other tripod accessories in the Go-Quick II series. At the moment the selection is still limited, but I can imagine that over time it will expand to include more clips, brackets, brackets and other accessories.

The tripod's handle, which can be used for handheld vlogging, is quite large in your hand at 240mm long and 36mm radius (like a tennis racket handle). To vlog with this accessory, you must manually tilt the camera held by the mount to the desired angle to capture your face.

This handle can also be split to form the legs of the tripod, which is why the handle needs to be as wide as it is. The tripod legs are locked in position by a beveled red locking ring. When pushing your legs together, be careful not to pinch the skin on your palm, this can be quite uncomfortable.

When locked, the handle cannot move apart. When unlocked, the handle can be unlocked with light force on the base. The legs can then be positioned at any angle between 90 degrees and 30 degrees. The red locking ring locks the legs in position when tightened again.

The feet of the tripod are made of rubber and are therefore suitable for any surface. They provide support and stability without damaging delicate indoor surfaces. The length of the legs cannot be changed individually; they are fixed and connected to each other.

When the tripod legs are extended as far as possible, they are 225 mm from the center of the mast and 390 mm apart.

The Go-Quick ii 1.4m extendable tripod is the perfect accessory for vloggers who only want to film with an action camera. Not only can you run and vlog with this accessory, you can easily and quickly set it up as a standalone tripod and film whatever scene you're in. You also have the advantage of being able to interchange it with the other tripods in the Go-Quick II series, or you can easily use it alone for your own purposes. The extendable Go-Quick II tripod costs €24.95 and can be purchased here.

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