Ulanzi 10" RGB LED video light

The Ulanzi 10" RGB LED Video Light is a powerful and versatile light source for photographers and videographers. With its minimalist design and comfortable touch, it is easy to carry and easy to use.
One of the special features of the Ulanzi 10" RGB LED video light is its 360° full color creative atmosphere. HSI mode allows you to fully customize the color and intensity of the light to create different creative atmospheres.

The LED video light also has a CCT Cool and Warm Light mode, which allows the color temperature to be adjusted in the range of 2500-9000K. This gives you the ability to adjust the light to the specific needs of your photo or video project. In addition, the light offers 20 types of dynamic lighting effects, including police car, TV, strobe and many more.
These effects provide additional creativity and flexibility when designing your lighting. The light is also very bright and has a large beam angle.

With 266 LED lamp balls and a CRI of 95+, it offers high color rendering and is perfect for photo and video projects. The built-in 8000mAh lithium battery allows the light to be used for up to 120 minutes at maximum brightness and supports charging during use. Overall, the Ulanzi 10" RGB LED Video Light is an excellent choice for photographers and videographers looking for a powerful and versatile light source. It is also available at an affordable price and offers excellent value for money.

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Review - Ulanzi 10" RGB LED Video Light

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