Ulanzi Falcam F22 Quick Release System

If you are a filmmaker or photographer, you are never particularly happy with the large number of different heavy accessories that you have to carry around. It's even more frustrating when you have to screw and unscrew these accessories when switching between different modes and accessories such as a handheld camera, tripod, stabilizer or slide rail. In addition, you always feel uncomfortable with the quick-release fasteners and feel that they are wobbly and not stable enough. With the Ulanzi Falcam F22 quick change system you can now leave this outdated approach behind.

The F22 Quick Release System delivers a true quick release experience that we know is so important to professional filmmakers and photographers. By using a "tenon-tenon connection", a combination of concavo-convex structures, we designed the F22 quick release system to be extremely flexible and stable once installed. Despite its high load capacity, it is a light and easy to transport accessory.


In short, with the Falcam 22 Quick Release System you no longer need to waste time screwing the camera on and off the tripod or getting bogged down by bulky and inconvenient accessories. With the Falcam 22 you are always ready to take photos!

Cage will quickly become the centerpiece of your camera and make attaching other devices a seamless experience. The top of the F22 Cage features quick-mount positions that allow you to attach the top handle, monitor mount, or left or right handle to the cage. Both sides are equipped with F22/F38 expansion positions to improve running time and save unnecessary components.

And the quick-release plate on the bottom complies with both the F22 and F38 and F50 standards and therefore offers extensive expansion options. The F22, F38 and F50 cage is anodized in Monet gray and features various curve combinations that make the overall texture and design style of the cage as smooth and comfortable as possible.

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