Review | Falcam F22 Quick Release Magic Arm Kit

"I have to buy this product," says a filmmaker and every other content creator when they see a great accessory on the market. Of course, you can never have too many products to suit your content needs, especially when it comes to filmmaking. You can always use another "arm" for all the camera cages and rigs - no pun intended. But sometimes a product comes on the market that follows the screwless design principle and looks incredibly good.

Today we offer you the opportunity to free yourself from the difficulties of traditional screw-mounted Magic Arms. One press to assemble, one press to disassemble - that's all you need to know about the simplicity and convenience of the Falcam F22 Quick Release Magic Arm Kit.

It is lighter but durable. It has no screws but stays in place more firmly than a traditional arm. Read on to learn how to speed up your filmmaking process with this QR Magic Arm Kit.

Getting to know the Falcam F22 QR

Let's start with the center of the action. The Falcam F22 is designed to increase your productivity and not distract you from the creative work of creating content. Imagine being on a shoot and only having a split second to change your microphone or even the flash; well, forget it if you're using a traditional magic arm. These things need to be secured with screws, and even then you can't expect them to stay in place after some wear and tear.

Fortunately, the Falcam F22 can help you in both cases. As already mentioned, it does not require any screws. Instead, a single press is all it takes to install it and it will stay in place without moving, even if you load it with up to 8kg. Likewise, just press and it's off - there's no better way to get the job done without sacrificing productivity. In addition, the Quick Release System is present on both sides of the Magic Arm, simple and efficient.

Two ball heads for free rotation

This is where the magic happens. The Falcam F22 features two ball heads, one on each side, for a full range of rotation and adjustment. No matter what accessory you use, you always have the freedom to adjust it in any direction you want. But that is not all. See - a traditional butterfly/peapod magic arm only allows the ball heads to rotate.

Well, that's not a bad thing, but professional filmmakers and content creators need more freedom. Luckily, Falcam, like us, is committed to innovation. Not only the ball heads, but also the ball base can be rotated 360°. Believe us, it doesn't get any better. Oh yes, it can. No matter what position you move the ball head or base, it stays in that position, unlike the traditional arms which can easily come loose during a tricky adjustment.

Smooth adjustment and flexibility

Two ball heads, a ball base that can be rotated through 360° - that has to be a complex system, right? We can't blame you for wondering this; This was also the case with traditional products. But Falcam wants to make it easier for you and give you freedom to be creative, which is why they have put some creativity into their products too. The button you see on the side of the F22 QR Magic Arm is all you need to control the active structures in this kit. Pretty impressive if you ask us. And despite being so compact, it hasn't compromised on durability.

However, if you feel the button is in the way of your accessories, the ergonomic design allows you to gently pull it out to adjust. Hassle-free locking in one step.

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