MT-52 from Ulanzi is an Octopus Tripod Vlogger Kit with Dual Boom Arms and this flexible tripod is perhaps the most creative and versatile small tripod on the market. Ulanzi has taken their original MT-11 Octopus tripod, customized it and added accessories to improve the lighting and microphone options for vloggers.

The MT-52 is a three-legged small/medium tripod with rubber-coated metal legs that are very flexible and hold the shape they are bent into. You can attach similar boom arms to this tripod, which will greatly expand your creative possibilities.


The feet are made of metal and covered with a pleasant black rubber coating. They are designed in finger height increments, making them very comfortable to wear, hold and vlog.

From base to tip, the tripod is 280mm long, but can be bent into a smaller shape to fit in any camera bag. The rubber feet each have small indentations to increase grip.


The square ball head mount is 20mm wide and accommodates two cold shoe mounts on the two sides, while the ball head mount is located on the back. The mounting plate supports a ¼20" mounting screw for your camera, phone, lighting or microphone.

The plate sits 18 mm above the ball head and can be moved to a 90 degree position. Perfect for use in portrait (or vertical) orientation. This is made possible by the groove on the ball head, which is located opposite the locking screw. The tripod is very well made, has a height of 260 mm and takes up a footprint of 230 mm x 230 mm x 230 mm when the legs are straight out. Each leg is 210mm long and the tripod weighs 318 grams, making it ideal for travel.


The MT-52 Octopus Tripod Vloggers Kit includes two additional octopus arms. The arms easily slide into the ball head cold shoe, allowing for effective lighting and microphone options for the vlogger.

You can use one or both at the same time, and any accessory with a hot shoe connection can be attached effectively. From the hot shoe at one end to the hot shoe adapter at the other end, the boom arm is 225 mm long and weighs 93 grams each. This means that the Ulanzi MT-52 weighs a total of 504 grams fully assembled.

The Octopus arms have the same flexible and stable properties as the tripod legs, but have slightly narrower finger grips for easy handling. At each end of the boom arms is the brand's signature red Ulanzi pivot screw, which allows the individual brackets to be attached.

Cold Shoe can be completely removed from the Octopus Boom Arm, revealing a ¼20" male screw that can be used in conjunction with other accessories.

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