Why Ulanzi Lightweight Travel Tripod?

For photographers and videographers, a good tripod is very important. A best travel tripod must meet the following requirements: light enough to use all day without burdening the user; Weight capacity, for photographers, videographers, all cameras must be compatible; small enough to be placed in a backpack, easy to carry. Whether taking photos in the city or taking landscape photos, a good tripod is very important.

Ulanzi & COMAN Lightweight Travel Tripod 3028 is made of carbon fiber, a better material than aluminum, which allows for a stronger and lighter construction that is very friendly for photographers and videographers.

Tripod with panoramic head for 360 degree shots, for any angle you want to capture.

Compared to conventional tripods, such as Manfrotto, our tripods are cheaper and offer better value for money.
Our tripods have a higher load capacity of 18 kg and are suitable for most Suitable for cameras on the market.

The tripod also features a 1/4 threaded hole for attaching cell phone accessories for multi-camera shooting commonly used by photographers and videographers.

The tripod is equipped with a shutter release lock for easy and quick locking, ideal for outdoor use and shooting, with quick and precise height and angle adjustment.

 Ulanzi is dedicated to the development and production of photographic accessories for video, live streaming and camera recording. We believe that good quality products are the only way to make our customers more satisfied.
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