Ulanzi CO23 lens cleaning air blower large C057GBB1

Mit Filter, Becherdesign, Druckluft, Quick Release Aufrollseil
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Ulanzi CO23 camera cleaning blower with filter, tumbler design lens cleaning blower compressed air compatible for Nikon/Sony/Canon/FUJIFILM/Leica/Panasonic/OLYMPUS digital camera lens. Not just for cameras, it can be used in your life and hobby.

Key Features:
1. High airflow for more efficient dust removal: The concentrated airflow removes surface dust and adhered substances with ease.
2. Filter before blowing out air: Built-in filter that filters external dust, unidirectional output of clean air.
3. Light airflow with strong rebound: High elastic silicone material, fits your hand, comfortable texture, easy to clean.
4. Quick Release Retractable Rope, always ready for use: Equipped with a portable buckle, can be automatically retracted to store, convenient to carry with you.
5. Multiple scenarios applicable: Not only for cameras, it can be used in your life and hobby.

Material: Highly elastic silicone
Dimensions: 135*58*58mm
Net weight: 95.4g