Ulanzi Falcam F38 Quick Release Kit for Camera Backpack Strap Clip V2 F38B3803

  • 1. Schnelles Lösen in Sekunden, grenzenlose Interkonnektivität
  • 2. Kompatibilität: QR-Platte der F38-Serie, FALCAM-Kameracage, PD QR-Platte, PGY QR-Platte, Fotopro QR-Platte, Tarion QR-Platte, Xiletu QR-Platte, Tarion QR-Platte, SPIDERHOLSTER QR-Platte, Manbily QR-Platte und andere quadratische Arca-Standard-Schnellwechselplatte.
  • 3. Geeignet für Rucksack Schultergurt Breite ≤ 80mm, maximale Clip Schultergurt Dicke 20mm.
  • 4. Quick Release kann bis zu 30kg tragen
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Style: F38 Rucksack-Clipsatz (Basis und Platte) F38B3803
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Ulanzi Falcam F38 Quick Release Kit for Camera Backpack Strap Clip V2 is an improved version of the F38 quick release backpack strap clip 2271. It is compatible with F38, PD, PGY and other Arca Standard Square QR Plates. It is specially designed for backpack shoulder straps with a width of ≤ 80mm and a maximum clip shoulder strap thickness of 20mm, and features a T-shaped fixing structure for smoother buckle installation. The Quick Release can hold up to 30 kg thanks to its large-area soft rubber buffer, which is non-slip and bend-resistant, ensuring stability during various activities such as running, hiking and off-roading.

Key features:
1. Quick release in seconds, limitless interconnectivity: The product adopts the design of tilting compression limit, which slides in for automatic locking.
2. Compatibility: F38 Series QR Plate, FALCAM Camera Cage, PD QR Plate, PGY QR Plate, Fotopro QR Plate, Tarion QR Plate, Xiletu QR Plate, Tarion QR Plate, SPIDERHOLSTER QR Plate, Manbily QR plate and other Arca standard square quick release plate.
3. Suitable for backpack shoulder strap width ≤ 80mm, maximum clip shoulder strap thickness 20mm.
4. Quick release can hold up to 30kg
5. The quick release plate contains a locking seal, the camera is attached more stably. The quick release plates fit seamlessly and provide excellent stability, even during running, hiking, off-roading and other strenuous activities.

Product size: 75*48*21.8mm
Material: Aluminum alloy, PE wire, ABS and PC
Dimensions: 85*46*22mm
Net weight: 86g

<iframe width="1280" height="720" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/LPlAiO3mArA" title="BEST Backpack Clip of 2023 - NOT Peak Design" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture; web-share" allowfullscreen></iframe>