Ulanzi Claw Quick Release System for DJI RS 3/RS 3 Mini/RS 3 Pro/RS 2 Stabilizer

CLAW ökologische Erweiterung, einfaches Umschalten zwischen Verlängerungsstangenmodus, Griffmodus, Stativmodus und Einbeinstativmodus
€69,90 - €79,90
Compatible with stabilizer models: CA23 Mount C043GBB1(für DJI RS 2 / RS 3 /RS 3 Pro)
Extension accessories: Claw Monopod Pole T074GBB1
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Regular price €79,90
Regular price Sale price €79,90

Key features:
1. Quick mount and release, set up in seconds: The Ulanzi CLWA Quick Release Ecosystem allows the DJI stabilizer to effortlessly switch between extension pole, grip, tripod and monopod modes for seamless shooting .
2. CA23/CA24 Claw Quick Release Tripod Anti-Loose Base Mount: The quick disassembly and extension function makes your shooting more fun. It comes with a non-slip and scratch-resistant silicone protective pad and is designed for ecological quick assembly of the CLAW series.
3. EG03 Claw Quick Release Sling Handle: With the NATO buckle, our setup is a breeze. Switching between tripod and sling mode is a breeze. Enjoy full 360° adjustability whenever you need it. And with a weight of only 147 g, it is a feather-light companion that won't weigh you down.
4. Claw Quick Release Extension Monopod Pole: This versatile accessory features a CLAW quick release interface for easy switching between extension pole and monopod mode. It is compact and lightweight and is made of robust carbon fiber.
5. Claw Quick Release Ecosystem: The Claw series products can be quickly replaced within the same series.

Tips: CA23 Mount is for DJI RS 2/RS 3/ RS 3 Pro while CA24 Mount is designed for DJI RS3 Mini installation.