Ulanzi CM009 17-inch camera protective case 3270

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Colors and patterns: Grün & Muster
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Regular price €9,90
Regular price Sale price €9,90

Key features:
1. The fabric is made of polymer material and processed with nano technology, and has great binding power, which will not be affected after washing.
2. It can be safely molded around cameras, lenses, small tripods, filters, iPad or anything else.
3. Soft and comfortable, it protects your valuables from scratches and bumps
4. The smooth interior can wipe off stains on screens or other devices.
5. large square 17.7 inch size

Size: 45*45cm / 17.7*17.7"
Material: High polymer material
Scope of application: Electronic devices such as various brands of DSLR or mirrorless camera bodies, tablets, Switch and smartphones