Ulanzi CO26 camera cleaning set for APS-C cameras C060GBB1

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Ulanzi CO26 Camera Cleaning Kit for APS-C Cameras contains 26 essential items for camera cleaning: APS-C sensor cleaning swab, wet cleaning cloth, cleaning solution, air blower, lens cleaning pen pro, lens cleaning solution, cotton swab, optical cleaning cloth and a storage container. All neatly packaged in one box, it's convenient for use on the go and ensures your camera stays clean and free of dust, fingerprints, smudges, water spots and more.

Key Features:
1. Three major problems, one-time cleaning:Easily removes lens dust, airborne particles, fingerprint smudges and water stain residue.
2. Wide applicability: It can clean a variety of high-precision products, including cameras, mobile phones, binoculars and glasses.
3. Sensor cleaning swab: Effortlessly removes imperceptible dust and particles and eliminates dirt (*Note: Applicable to 16mm, APS-C cameras)
4. Wet cleaning cloth: Made of nano-level high-density fiber material, comes with its own cleaning agent, no crumbs or edges, vacuum packed, ready to use after disassembly.
5. Cleaning solution: Mild and alcohol-free, does not damage the lens coating and easily dissolves stubborn dirt. (*Requires use with a damp lens cleaning cloth)
6. Air blower: The small air nozzle ensures concentrated air output, the large air volume ensures easy dust removal without damaging the lenses.
7. Cotton swab: The pointed design solves the problem of hard-to-clean gaps and is used to clean contacts, connectors, gaps, corners, etc.
8. Optical cleaning cloth paper: The paper is soft and strong and will not fall off when wiping (*Note: It is not recommended to wipe CMOS)

Size : 155*74mm
Net weight: 209g