Ulanzi DR-02 anti-collision light for drone 2155

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Regular price €15,73
Regular price Sale price €15,73
Key features:

1. 3 color light sources, 6 light effects, 3 color lights (red, green and white), each color has 2 kinds of light effects: slow flashing and strobe flashing
2. Visible from 3 and miles away, use transparent shell, strong penetration, it is clearly visible even at a distance of 3KM
3. Multiple installation methods, strong versatility, It is attached by 3M Velcro and rubber ring, which is very convenient to install, and compatible with all drones on the market
4. Light weight - only 6.5g, The weight is only 6.5g and will not affect the performance of the drone
5. 8 hours long standby, up to 8 hours battery life, battery capacity 110mAh.