Ulanzi Ombra Travel Tripod (Black/White)

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Ulanzi Ombra Travel Tripod (Black/White) is an entry-level tripod for photography, video, vlogging and live streaming.

Key features:
1. 360° panoramic scale: precise auxiliary panoramic shots
2. Arca Swiss quick release plate: Universal and durable
3. Horizontal adjustment: Levels the tripod according to the position of the bubble
4. Mini compass: outdoor recordings, direction information
5. Leg angle adjustment: snap lock, multi-angle adjustment
6. Built-in footrests: Remove the silicone foot pads to enter footrest mode
7. Weight: 1.1kg, about the weight of a 1 liter water bottle
8. Extendable up to 158cm (62.2inch)
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What size thread is the weight hook?</summary>
There's a standard 1/4 screw thread on top quick release plate.
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Does this come with a remote for hands free photos on your phone?</summary>
No, it does not come with a remote. I bought three of these tripods for my podcast studio and they are fantastic. But they do not come with a remote control.