Ulanzi Sling Handle for DJI RS 3/RS 3 Mini/RS 3 Pro/Ronin-SC/RSC 2 Stabilizer C049GBB1

Einfache Installation, sicherer Halt, präzise Einstellung, vielseitige Erweiterung und komfortables Design.
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Key features:
1. Compatible with DJI RS 3/RS 3 Mini/RS 3 PRO/Ronin-SC/RSC 2
2. NATO mount for easy installation: Anti-slip design with an independent button for secure attachment, avoiding stabilizer buttons and ensuring a precise fit.
3. 360° rotatable adjustment: Precise gear positioning with independent adjustment knob, preventing deviation and meeting different angle requirements.
4. Multiple Holes for Expansion: The handle and main body have multiple 1/4" threaded holes, ARRI positioning holes and cold shoe interface, allowing for versatile expansion.
5. Comfortable Grip: Silicone handle with fine texture and improved grip for less strain and effort.
6. Lightweight and Foldable: Foldable design allows for easy storage and convenient use on the go, making travel hassle-free.

Material: Aluminum alloy, stainless steel and silicone
Weight: 273g±5g
Dimensions: 190 x 100 x 39mm±2mm
Applicable models: DJI Ronin-SC/RSC 2/RS 3/RS 3 Mini/RS 3 PRO