Ulanzi VL119 RGB handheld video light 2907

CCT-Farbtemperatur: 2500 bis 9000K, 360 wählbare RGB-Farben, 0-100% stufenloses Dimmen
€39,95 - €111,85
Style: Ulanzi VL119 RGB Handheld Video Leuchte
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Key features:

1. Rich colors for better recordings
2. 360° full color gamut, adjustable hue, saturation and brightness
3. Suitable for shooting fill light and creating various atmospheres: product photography, model shooting, video shooting, live scenes, artistic light painting, party atmosphere
4. The color temperature can be freely adjusted according to the ambient light to produce the main or auxiliary light
5. Includes 20 dynamic lighting effects
6. The bottom is equipped with a 1/4'' screw connector, which can be connected to a tripod and a light stand
7. Built-in lithium battery: built-in 2000mAh lithium battery, can be used for 70 minutes at maximum brightness